16 juin 2020

Social dialogue and HR practices in European global companies

Eurofound / Etudes et Enquêtes / Numérique - Négociation et accords collectifs de travail

Dialogue social, Relations de travail, Impact du numérique

« While company management is increasingly organised at the global level, labour relations remain dominated by the national level in terms of power, organisation and resources. 

Both human resource management (HRM) functions and social dialogue are under pressure from a variety of trends and dynamics. The continuing advancement of technological change, for example, will have an impact on how MNCs organise both their business and their HRM function. 

Aside from the legal implementation of the European Works Council (EWC) Directive, sharing practices related to the involvement of EWCs in corporate decisions has proven to be valuable and has made a positive contribution to company operations and culture across the EU.

Transnational social dialogue in MNCs must play a constructive role in managing the transition towards a low-carbon, high-tech economy. In doing so, it will make a positive contribution to the development of EU social dialogue. 

The positive interaction between HRM policies and worker representation structures should help companies and sectors restructure and adapt accordingly, dealing with the risk of increasing wage inequality and polarisation in working conditions. »